Golden Action Awards

Gratitude, Appreciation, Altruism

Shout out, lift up and give back with Golden Action Awards. Nominate someone deserving a shout out, thank you or congratulations by sharing their actions or accomplishments in one of four categories: HEAD, HAND, HEALTH, and HEART.

After the nomination is approved by the nominee and us you can then ask, share via social media, for supporting votes on your nominee. The number of votes received at the end of 20 days determines the award level given and your nominated hero receives a Golden Action Award coin indicating the level awarded: bronze, silver or gold, with all bragging rights. Then the nominee’s favorite charity receives a donation in their honor. But the best part is together we have brought positivity, gratitude and helping others to a whole new level.

How it works

~Creating a nomination and voting is free but requires an account

~Nominations can be made for any action or accomplishment you feel is deserving

~Admin has the power to decline any nomination deemed inappropriate in language or pictures

~Nomination voting ends in 20 days, the nominee receives a bronze, silver or gold, Golden Action Award coin, and their favorite charity receives a donation corresponding to medal awarded.

~User information will not be shared or sold by Golden Action Awards

Award levels:

Nominee 1-9 votes

Bronze level 10-29 votes

Silver level 30-49 votes $10 donation to nominees favorite charity

Gold level 50-99 votes $20 donation to nominees favorite charity

Gold Level 100-up votes $30 donation to nominees favorite charity