1. “Who can I nominate?”

You can nominate anyone, (man, women, child,  even animal)  as long as you feel they are deserving recognition and appreciation.

2. “What are the award levels?”

1-9 votes is a Nomination level. Nominee will receive a printable certificate.

10-30 votes is a Bronze level. Nominee will receive a printable certificate and a Bronze medal.

31-50 votes is a Silver level. Nominee will receive a printable certificate and a Silver medal. 51 and above votes is a Gold level. Nominee will receive a printable certificate and a Gold medal.

3. “What actions are acceptable for nomination?”

Any action you feel deserving recognition and appreciation is appropriate for nomination. Remember to think of your nomination in one of the four categories. Head, as in a graduation or new business venture. Hand, as in volunteering or lending a helping hand. Health, as in facing cancer or heart disease challenges. And Heart, as in a kind or selfless gesture.

4. “What happens if my nomination is declined?”

When a nomination is submitted it goes first to the nominee, where it is accepted or declined. If declined you will be notified. We suggest you discuss the decision with your nominee. If accepted the nomination then goes to Admin. Admin reserves the right to decline any nomination for any inappropriate content. If the nomination is declined by admin you and the nominee will be notified. When approved the nomination goes live on Golden Action Awards. Nomination fees will not be refunded if declined by either nominee or Admin.

5. “What do you mean by Hand, heart, health, head?”

These are the 4 categories in which you can nominate someone.\nHeart – for those who have a kind heart.\nHead – for those who have done something smart.\nHealth – for those who promote good health \nHand – for those who lend a helping hand